FinanceLab is voluntary student organization run by ambitious and dedicated students

FinanceLab is a non-profit, voluntary student organisation, covering all major universities and colleges in Denmark with over 2,600 registered members. We are the prime point of contact between the financial industry and the academic world.

The organisation rests on three pillars: Education, Network and Performance.

We are open for everyone and our events are also publicly available for anyone interested.

We highly recommend all students to sign up and become part of our member list in order to receive career related opportunities within finance.

If you have any questions, then we’re more than happy to answer them! Contact us today.

It is simple; just follow us on Facebook or our visit the front-page of our website to see which up-coming events you can attend.

Usually, you will have to secure your spot to an event by booking a FREE ticket. These instructions will be in the description of the specific event posted on our Facebook page.

Not at all. We welcome and encourage students from all universities and business schools to participate in our events! You do not even have to study anything related to finance, economics or business administration.

It’s very simple – you just go and sign up at our members page. And yes, its free – of course!

Everyone can sign up. With a FinanceLab membership you will receive invitations to events and career opportunities within finance.

It is absolutely FREE to be part of FinanceLab. Our membership is completely FREE and participation in our events is also free for all and by signing up to both, we will provide you with valuable career opportunities and company events.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Didn’t find your answer? Then feel free to contact us directly via email. We’re looking forward to answer your questions!