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If it wasn’t for Financelab I probably wouldn’t have landed a summer internship at Goldman Sachs in 2014 which led me to a full-time position after graduating my studies.

Ole-Bjørn Kolbæk
Ole-Bjørn KolbækAnalyst - Goldman Sachs, London

My professional network grew enormously after getting involved in Financelab. My participation in the 2015 London Studytrip ultimately made me land an internship at J.P.Morgan along with offers from other banks too.

Frederikke Beck
Frederikke Beck2016 Summer Analyst - J.P.Morgan, London

I can only recommend getting involved with Financelab. My membership and participation has resulted in numerous valuable connections and friendships. I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without Financelab.

Mads Povlsen
Mads PovlsenInvestment Banking Analyst - Citi, London

I participated in the Financelab 2014 London Studytrip which provided me with so many valuable insights and personal connections. It made me land a summer internship at Goldman Sachs.

Abel Chernet
Abel ChernetInvestment Banking Analyst - Goldman Sachs, London

I cannot recommend Financelab enough. As a former ulumni it has without a doubt helped me to where I am today. I landed an internship at Nomura as a student, and am now employed full time.

Jens Brøchner Gråsbøll
Jens Brøchner GråsbøllAnalyst - Nordic Fixed Income Sales, Nomura - London

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